Technology Services for Staff

Help Desk - Technology Support Request System

Please use the Help Desk to report issues and request service.  Voice mails and e-mails for non-critical items might get forgotten as we monitor and concentrate on the work order system.  If an issue is critical, feel free to call.

Web Help Desk Link

Migration from Outlook to Google

Below is the link to access a Q&A document.  At the end of the documents are a couple websites with training information.  Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Google Q&A + Training Sites
Setting up your Mobile Device
Moving Calendars from Outlook to Google
Contact Group Migration from Outlook to Google

Computer Imaging & Backups

Please note we periodically re-image the district computers and all work desired to be saved should be kept on the network H, W, or e-mail files.  It is good practice to keep important files on the network drives so they are backed up each week in case of local hard disk failure. 

Link to Middle School Video