It's here!  Google E-mail! 

 Below is the link to access a Q&A document.  At the end of the documents are a couple websites with training information.  Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Google Q&A + Training Sites

Setting up your Mobile Device

Moving Calendars from Outlook to Google

Contact Group Migration from Outlook to Google

The Help Desk service is "new & improved".

Please use the Help Desk to report issues and request service.  Voice mails and e-mails for non-critical items might get overlooked as we monitor and concentrate on the work order system.  If an issue is critical, feel free to call.

Help Desk - Technology Support Request System

 Software Evaluation / Approval Form

Please note we re-image the district computers annually each summer and all work desired to be saved should be kept on the network H, W, or e-mail files.  It is good practice to keep important files on the network drives so they are backed up each week in case of local hard disk failure. 

Patrick Long - Client Support Specialist, x1007