VIDEO 3, THURSDAY, April 2, 2015

M-Step, Gmail Migration & new Ticket System

From our fans:

"Patrick wins the hat contest."


WDS Gmail Migration Update & M-STEP info

We kept Mike in the frame!  Love the hats!  Check out the background – we try to make it interesting.  Any guesses where we were?

GAPS – not the stores!  Google Apps Password Sync!  We’ll be running that at the end of the week, March 13.  Another Friday the 13th.  Your normal Whitehall password will then be your Google password.

Students will have G-mail this school year but we are not migrating their old mail like we are for you so please let them know.  Only the staff e-mails are being migrated from Outlook to g-mail.  Students will likely have different usernames in 2015-16.

M-Step is the new MEAP test.  We are preparing everything on the Technology side.  We will be checking every computer and chromebook the week of March 9 to ensure it is ready.  We look forward to outstanding results confirming all the great things happening in Whitehall classrooms.


From our fans:

"Ealy brave souls!" 

"Epic hat display."

Video 1, Friday, February 20, 2015

Gmail Migration is on the way!!

Watch Mike slowly drift off screen...

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"Wow! You're migrating all folders!! You guys are amazing! Thanks for making my life so much easier during this transition. I can only imagine how much work this is for you all.  Thank you!!"

"You guys should have won an Oscar for this little gem J"

"Good work men!  You guys are a shoe in for the upcoming oscars."