2011-2012:  Celebrating 15 Years!

Ealy Elementary Celebrates 15 Years of Partnership with Alcoa-Howmet

 Alcoa-Howmet Sign

2012 marks the fifteenth year of partnership between Ealy Elementary and Alocoa-Howmet.  Ealy recognized this milestone with a celebration on May 17.  Distinguished guests and special speakers were present to honor staff members who have made the partnership a success over the years.  Ealy's teachers had a luncheon and cake reception for Aloca-Howmet volunteers.  Alcoa-Howmet's involvement over the years has provided countless Ealy students with unique Science and Social Studies classroom presentations.  Alcoa-Howmet has offered to support Ealy in other ways, too.  Volunteers from Alcoa-Howmet worked to beautify Ealy grounds in Fall 2011, spending a day spreading mulch, weeding, and planting in Ealy's playground and courtyard areas.

 The end of the 2006-207 school year marked a special 10-year milestone in our unique school-business partnership with Alcoa-Howmet Corporation.  A world-wide manufacturer of precision castings for the aerospace industry, Alcoa-Howmet’s Whitehall Operations is currently Muskegon County’s largest employer.

As an elementary school, we have truly been fortunate to be in partnership  with this corporation for more than a decade.  The partnership, guided by a steering committee comprised of school representatives and Alco-Howmet officials, continues to evolve each year.  Unlike many more typical school-business partnerships, this collaborative provides opportunities for a wide range of professionals (scientists, electricians, business leaders, etc.) to partner with teachers in creating curriculum enhancing presentations.

Thanks to their ongoing commitment to our school and students, we benefit from approximately 150 hours of classroom presentations each year.  Topics range from graphing, the environment, changes in matter, light and sound, economics, organization and time management, electricity and much more.

The following verbiage is taken from a formal plaque of appreciation that was presented to Alcoa-Howmet officials at the May 2007 Whitehall District Schools’ Board of Education meeting:

10 Years of Partnership

The Whitehall District Schools’ Board of Education joins the students and staff of Helen R. Ealy Elementary School in expressing our most sincere appreciation to the Alcoa-Howmet Whitehall Operations for their continued support and partnership with our school.  This successful and unique school-business partnership has become a vital and lasting element of our educational programs.  Through this partnership, students have been inspired and challenged by collaborative curriculum presentations that stretch learning beyond the classroom.  The impact made by Alcoa-Howmet’s commitment and dedication to our school is immeasurable.  This year, we recognize a 10 year milestone in our partnership and look forward to many more years of working together to prepare our young people for the future.  Thank you to our partners for all that they continue to do for our school and community.  Your commitment to supporting education sets a standard to be recognized and respected by other organizations throughout West Michigan.