Shon A. Cook, Secretary

Shon A Cook, Secretary

Shon Cook was elected to the Board of Education in 2016, taking her seat in January 2017. Shon has lived in the Whitehall district for 19 years. She is the parent of three children, Sophia, Elizabeth and Sam Stevens who all attend or have attended Whitehall Schools.

Shon is an enthusiastic supporter of Whitehall Schools and the White Lake area.  She owns and operates her place of business, Shon Cook Law, PC, only blocks from the Whitehall school complex.  She is a proud sponsor of many of the extracurricular programs of the schools and has coached many levels of White Lake area sports.  As an attorney, Shon is active on state wide committees and trains attorneys about issues impacting family law and children.

In Shon’s free time, she runs, gardens and enjoys all the amazing opportunities that this community presents.  She is extremely appreciative of the level of intensity that the administration, teachers, staff, parents and students bring to this school district.

Shon is currently serving as Board of Ed Secretary. You can contact her at: