Parent Advisory Committee

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) are parents of children with disabilities, selected by the local district administrator and approved by the local school board. The PAC strives to represent the interest and concerns of students with special needs and their parents. It also strives to promote partnership between parents, students, the local school district and the MAISD by facilitating communication and cooperation. The PAC is authorized under Michigan Special Education Rules. Its purpose is to provide a formal mechanism for parent input to the ISD Plan for Delivery of Special Education Programs and Services.

The PAC:

  • Stresses cooperation between parents, school personnel and other service providers.
  • Listens and offers support to parents of special education students.
  • Encourages, advises, and processes information for parents of special education students.


  • All children deserve a quality education.
  • Special Education students are children first. The disability is secondary.
  • Students, parents, school personnel, and community resources should cooperate to maximize the potential of each and every child.

All parents of students with disabilities are welcome to attend PAC meetings.