Budget Transparency Reporting

Approved Budgets by Fiscal Year

Budgets for current & past fiscal years include the following funds:

  • General/Operating
  • White Lake Area Community Education
  • Food Service
  • Technology & Security
  • Activity

Only the General Fund is shown in the projected budget for the upcoming year.

2023-24 Fiscal Year Projected

2023-24 Budget Projection

2022-23 Fiscal Year

2022-23 Budget Adoption

2021-22 Fiscal Year

2021-22 Budget Adoption
2021-22 Budget Amendment #1
2021-22 Budget Amendment #2

2020-21 Fiscal Year

2020-21 Budget Adoption
2020-21 Budget Amendment #1
2020-21 Budget Amendment #2

2019-20 Fiscal Year

2019-20 Budget Adoption
2019-20 Budget Amendment #1
2019-20 Budget Amendment #2

2018-19 Fiscal Year

2018-19 Budget Adoption
2018-19 Budget Amendment #1
2018-19 Budget Amendment #2

Audited Financial Statements & Summaries

2020-21 Fiscal Year

2020-21 Audited Financial Statements
2020-21 Single Audit Report
2020-21 Personnel Expenditures
2020-21 Operating Expenditures
2020-21 Instructional Expenditures

2019-20 Fiscal Year

2019-20 Audited Financial Statements
2019-20 Single Audit Report
2019-20 Personnel Expenditures
2019-20 Operating Expenditures
2019-20 Instructional Expenditures

2018-19 Fiscal Year

2018-19 Audited Financial Statements
2018-19 Single Audit Report
2018-19 Personnel Expenditures
2018-19 Operating Expenditures
2018-19 Instructional Expenditures

2017-18 Fiscal Year

2017-18 Audited Financial Statements
2017-18 Single Audit Report
2017-18 Personnel Expenditures
2017-18 Operating Expenditures
2017-18 Instructional Expenditures

2016-17 Fiscal Year

2016-17 Audited Financial Statements
2016-17 Single Audit Report
2016-17 Personnel Expenditures
2016-17 Operating Expenditures
2016-17 Instructional Expenses

Non-Deficit District

The district does not have a "deficit fund balance" and therefore is not required to have a Deficit Elimination Plan.

Employee Compensation Information

Current Bargaining Agreements

Master Agreement Between the Whitehall Education Association (WEA) and Whitehall District Schools - 2013-2027

Master Agreement Between the Whitehall Educational Support Personnel Association (WESPA) and Whitehall District Schools 2020-23 Bus Drivers

Support Staff Agreement

Employee Sponsored Health Care Plans & Bids

Health Care Plans:

Priority Health Benefit Report - Support Staff and Administration
Dental MET Life
Vision MET Life

Health Care Bids:


Required Information

Salary and Benefit Information

Annual Financial Reports & Policies


Procurement Policy
Reimbursement Policy

Check Register or Reimbursements

2020-21 Check Register

District Paid Association Dues

2020-21 Association Dues

District Paid Lobbying Costs

There were no lobbying costs paid by Whitehall District Schools in 2020-21.

District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information

There was no out-of-state travel by Administrators to report for 2020-21.

District Credit Card Information

Credit Card Holders

Other Transparency Information

District Dashboards

Michigan School Data Portal
Financial Information - Munetrix 

Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances

In accordance with PA 173, MCL 380.1249 (3), Whitehall District Schools provides the following postings and assurances with regard to the Educator Evaluation processes and protocols within the District.

WDS Extended COVID Learning Section 98b Goal Reporting

21-22 End of Year report
February 1, 2022 report

Title 1 Schoolwide Program

Title 1 WDS 20-21

Other Reports

General Fund Balance Levels