WDS Parent/School Compact

Whitehall District Schools Parent-School Compact


What Whitehall Schools will do for your child:

  • Foster a relationship among children, teachers, paraprofessionals, which results in positive educational growth through curriculum support.
  • Provide supplementary learning opportunities that integrate with classroom activities.
  • Involve parents and staff in the planning of ongoing improvements to theTitle I programs. 

What the Whitehall Title I teacher and Title I paraprofessionals can do for your child:

  • Provide individual or small group work with your student to address any academic problems that your child is having in school.
  • Work with the classroom teachers to deliver Title I services to our students by reviewing reading progress on a monthly basis and adjusting services.
  • Keep parents informed of the services that their child is receiving and the progress that the student makes. 

What parents can do to support the education of their child:

  • Promote self-esteem – this has been shown by research to be a major factor in a child’s school success.
  • Support the efforts of the school by overseeing homework and reading letters that are sent home.
  • Attend conferences, school meetings, programs, and events when they can.