Title I Academic Support Programs

Title I Academic Support

Title I staff contacts:

Kelly Cribbs, Shoreline Title I Interventions, 893-1050
Sandy Bush, Ealy Title I Interventions, 893-1040

What is Title I Academic Support ?

The Title I Academic Support Program benefits identified students in grades K-5 at Helen R. Ealy Elementary and Shoreline Elementary. Our Title I Instructional Tutors are certified teachers who provide support services for children in concepts taught in their regular classroom studies, emphasizing reading and math.

Title I is a Federally funded program through a law called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Congress renews this law periodically and our district’s funding is determined annually. Our district’s allocation is based on our community’s census poverty count, although poverty is not a determining factor for a child to be part of the program.

How does Title I help my child?

Children are referred by their classroom teachers to Title I or are identified by the DIBELS tests and math screeners that are given three times per year – Fall, January, and the end of the year.  Students receive services based on their individual need for help. Other data is also used to determine eligibility for services - Kindergarten testing, MStep testing, classroom testing, classroom performance, or parent requests for services.

Our Title I Instructional Tutors use many research-based interventions in small groups or one-on-one  for reading support. Math tutoring is also done for students who need math support.

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Community volunteers read to children 1 or 2 times per week in grades 2-5.

Before /After School Tutoring

Students that are identified for needing additional help beyond the school day are offered 6 week tutoring sessions after school.  Staff use research-based instructional programs to meet individual student needs.

Kids Read Now

Students in grades K-3 participate in the summer program Kids Read Now.  Each student chooses 9 books in the spring and takes the first 3 books home at the beginning of summer.  As students read each book, parents text/call/email the book number to KRN. Then the next book is shipped to the students home.

Summer Book Mobile

The Summer Book Mobile travels around the Whitehall area to local parks and community centers in June, July, and August.  At each scheduled stop, staff are there to greet students, read favorite stories, offer a free meal, and free books.