Schools of Choice

Schools Of Choice

The Collaborative Schools of Choice Program is a plan that offers parents and students a choice to attend other public schools in the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District outside their district of residence. The number of choice students enrolled is determined by the space available in the receiving district. If application requests exceed space available, a random draw is used.

Application Process:

  • Applications for School of Choice are offered each Spring for the following school year.
  • The applications may be requested at the resident or choice district's business office beginning the first of week of April and up to the Friday before Memorial Day.
  • Completed applications must be returned to the business office by the Friday before Memorial Day.
  • During the open enrollment period (first week of April up to Friday before Memorial Day) you may choose to complete a paper or electronic application.  The link for the electronic application becomes available during the open enrollment period (online application). Please note: if you enroll online you do not need to send a completed application to our office.
  • Parents will be notified of acceptance or denial no later than July 1.
  • There is no guarantee that space will be available in the building selected.

What Happens If I Want to Enroll After the Deadline? 

Once the Spring window has closed for open enrollment, there still may be openings available via a release from your resident district.  The process for enrolling via a release is:

  1. Contact the Principal of the building you wish to enroll your child at. The Principal will let you know if space is available.
  2. If space is available, contact your resident district for a release.
  3. Once the release has been received by WDS, the Principal will review your student's release, including the discipline history, and let you know if we are able to accept your child.

Further Information

Please contact the MAISD for more detailed information about the 2017-2018 Countywide Collaborative Schools of Choice Program.   For further information or if you have questions about the Whitehall District Schools you may contact Administrative Assistant, Michelle Pulver at (231) 893-1005.