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During the school year, Seniors should check their student email regularly!  Scholarship information is sent out by email along with other information for seniors.  The "scholarships" tab to the right offers detailed information as well.


College applications can be done online or on a paper application.  In each case, the student must work with the Student Services Office to get information to the college.  If applying by paper, the student must complete the application fully and then bring the application to the office. 

If applying online, you will be directed to print out a “high school” or “counselor” page.  Bring this in to the Student Services office for completion.  An official transcript MUST accompany this form.  Mrs. Brown or one of the counselors can assist in sending out your transcript. 

Watch for deadlines - do not wait until the last minute to apply!


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 Interested in Early College?  Print a brochure here:  PDF Document

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